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Motorcycle brake pads knowledge (IV)

When should the brake pads be replaced?

Disc brake system brake pads can be judged by groove, or taken out from calipers to check whether the thickness is enough;Hub brake system due to more difficult to take out, the use of the brake rocker knob to judge, if the knob can be easily adjusted to the end, and the brake use no brake force, on behalf of the brake pad should be replaced, but also by the opportunity to change the tires, check whether the brake pad is enough.

How to maintain brake pads at ordinary times?

Use brake cleaner.To prevent dust from sticking to the disc or brake pads, you can buy brake cleaners yourself. Simple cleaning and maintenance will ensure the brake pads work properly.Do not use oil or lubricant, these ingredients will be absorbed by the brake pad, resulting in brake performance degradation, increase the danger of driving!

To sum up  above,  next time we choose a brake pad, we can better understand the characteristics of each type of brake pad, according to the material, friction coefficient as the basis, choose a suitable brake pad.If you find brake pads worn to the safety line, replace them immediately!

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