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Motorcycle brake pads knowledge (III)

Why do the brakes get worse when you go down a hill?

Brake pad heat fades, especially on scooters.Some riders in the downhill, in order to maintain the speed of the car, used with a brake down all the way, because of the friction heat production, brake pads at the same time provide braking effect, also can produce a large amount of heat, while the working temperatures will improve braking, but more than the highest working temperature, will produce heat recession phenomenon, lead to reduced braking force.

How to reduce the phenomenon of thermal recession?

Avoid prolonged braking.Some riders are accustomed to placing their fingers on the brake lever, but they may inadvertently hold the brake, causing prolonged pressure on the brake, so it is not recommended for riders to place their fingers on the brake lever while riding.In addition, to solve the overheating problem, manufacturers have also developed brake pads that allow greater heat dissipation, such as the NCY HP patented basslet groove design, which increases the gap between the piston and the solvers to allow heat to escape. Adding different materials to the solvers also allows greater heat dissipation.

What function does the groove of brake pad have?

Remove dust, increase heat dissipation and facilitate identification.Brake pad and disc friction, will produce a little dust, so in the brake pad design groove, in order to discharge dust, at the same time have the function of heat, in addition, some groove is designed to indicate the line, like the tire safety indicator line, when the groove is worn out on behalf of the brake pad need to replace.

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