Motorcycle brake pads knowledge (II)

Why does the brake make noise?

The following three situations are most common: 1. When replacing brake pads, especially those containing metal components, the sound is louder; 2.After the brake pads have been used, the basslets start to rub against the disk and make a sound. At this time, the basslets must be replaced to prevent damage to the disk.3. Foreign matters, such as sand, small stones and dust, enter the brake pad and make a sound. In this case, brake cleaner can be used to remove it.

Is there any run-in period for the new brake pads?

YES!.The replacement of a new brake pad requires a period of running in, but this does not mean that there will be no braking force during the running in, but the braking force after the running in can reach 100%.The brake pad braking force will be better after running in.

After putting on new brake pads, the tires became hard to turn. Is that normal?

NO!.After replacing the new brake pad, if the tire does not move by hand or becomes difficult to turn, it means that the brake pad has killed the disc. The solution is to clean the caliper piston and push it to the bottom, and then reload the brake pad.

Motorcycle brake pads knowledge(二)(图1)

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