Motorcycle brake pads knowledge (I)

With the development of car manufacturing technology, engine power has increased, in the pursuit of speed in the era, the brake system is particularly importantNow let's talk about the important components of the brake system: BRAKE PADS!Everyone knows that brake systems are divided into disc and hub brakes, but do you know how many kinds of brake pads ?Is there any run-in period for the new brake pads?How to maintain the brake pad?

5 .According to their materials, they can be divided into asbestos, non-asbestos, semi-metallic sintering, MMC, and composite materials.

The National Environmental Protection Agency has banned the manufacture of asbestos brake pads in 2018 because of the poisonous gas they produce in high temperatures.

Non asbestos mainly fiberglass, the advantages of low cost, material made easier manufacturers has been attracting a large number of manufacturing, but not the condition of the high temperature resistant and heat exhaustion easily, in order to solve this problem, manufacturers  develop composite material of brake pads, the stronger material is adopted, such as carbon fiber, ceramic, better braking.Semi-metal sintering is made of metal, steel and copper fiber. Compared with non-asbestos, it has better high temperature stability but worse wear.Metal sintering is made by sintering metal powder at high temperature and high pressure. It has a very strong brake force, but it is much more aggressive to the disc. When the temperature is too high, carbide is easy to be produced and the brake force is weakened.

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