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friends, everybody!

on good if water, hold world with virtue. Hualong friction material co., LTD., since its creation in 1990, adhere to is to enterprise management as the carrier, in order to serve the community for the purpose, to meet customer demand as our eternal pursuit.

with the concept of internationalization management enterprise, is not only the internal need to hualong company survival and development, also is hualong products are found insufficient, continuous pursuit of excellence. Because of this, in & quot; Hualong & quot; Brand clutch friction plate to become the domestic well-known brand at the same time, hualong friction material co., LTD for motorcycle, automobile, shipbuilding, garden machinery and other supporting material of the friction clutch plate exports to more than 50 countries and regions of the world, the comprehensive economic index has been ranked domestic same industry. , of course, we know that to become the world first-class enterprise, we still has a long way, we will continue to work hard.

product is character materialized. We know that without a high degree of professionalism, professional staff team, there is no high quality, cost-effective products. Therefore, we in the enterprise management has been emphasized the people-oriented, harmonious business, employees, enterprise and society share the achievements in the development of enterprises.

the good faith management, customer first, win-win co-prosperity, forever is we believe in and practice of business philosophy. We will continue to seek common development with our clients, share the joy of success.

thank has long been concerned about and support the social people from all walks of life and the vast number of customers friend of hualong company.

thank you!